Sponsored Legislation...


  • VOTED AGAINST   HB 615 - which would allow the over-the-counter dispensing of the “Morning After Pill”.


  • VOTED FOR Boteler Amendment to SB 125 - which would have eliminated state funded abortions in the state budget.


  • VOTED AGAINST HB1183 - Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

  •  VOTED FOR Smigel Floor Amendment to HB1183 - which would have limited the research to only “Adult” stem cells.

  •  VOTED FOR Trueschler Floor Amendment to HB150 (Budget Bill) - which would have eliminated state funding of abortions.


  • VOTED AGAINST SB 144 - Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

  • VOTED FOR Shewell Floor Amendment to SB144 - would have limited Stem Cell Research to “Adult” stem cells.



Authority: McConkey for Delegate, Mary E. Dill, Treasurer                                                                                This site was last updated 08/21/06