Sponsored Legislation...


  •  VOTED AGAINST  HB40- 2004 Budget bill -  It was opposed by every Republican except 1.

  •  VOTED AGAINST HB 935 - Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2003 (BERFA) - the primary taxing vehicle, it included many additional fees and taxes.

  •  VOTED FOR McMillan Floor Amendment to HB 40 - would have eliminated the need for an increased property tax.

  •  VOTED AGAINST HB 753 - would have quadrupled filing fees for corporations.

  •  VOTED AGAINST SB 455 - speed cameras -   VOTED FOR a floor amendment that would have made legislators subject to the fine along with everyone else.


  •  VOTED FOR Krebs Floor amendment to SB508 - The Budget and Reconciliation Act of 2004 - would have eliminated the state increase in the estate taxes.

  •  VOTED FOR Shank Floor amendment to SB 508 - would have stripped the democrat provision to raise the sales tax 20% from 5% to 6%.

  •  VOTED FOR McComas Floor amendment to SB 508 - would have removed the increase in the income tax.

  •  VOTE FOR Glassman Floor amendment to SB 508 - would have removed the new increase in the excise tax on automobiles.

  •  VOTED FOR McConkey Floor amendment to SB 508 - would have removed a tax increase on rental property.

  •  VOTED AGAINST SB 508 - which included all of the above and was a $1billion PLUS tax increase.

  •  VOTED AGAINST SB 1188 - Corporate Tax Increase.


  •  VOTED AGAINST HB1284 - “Walmart Bill” - which would have imposed a new tax on companies that did not provide a certain level of benefits to their employees.  (Passed over the Governor’s veto and recently overturned by a court, now on appeal). 

  • VOTED FOR HB245 - the Military Retirement Tax Credit - allow military retirement to be exempt from state income tax.

  • VOTED AGAINST HB443 - speed cameras.


  •  INTRODUCED HB - that increased the state Estate Tax Exemption - alternate bill passed.  

  • VOTED FOR HB   - Increased Estate Tax Exemption - increased state exemption for estate taxes bringing it closer to the federal exemption.  

  •  VOTED FOR HB35 - Military Retirement Tax Credit.

  •  VOTED AGAINST Committee Amendments to HB35 which watered down the tax credit.

  • VOTED AGAINST HB1054 - Public Financing of Campaigns.

  •  VOTED AGAINST HB1260 - Building Excise Tax.


Authority: McConkey for Delegate, Mary E. Dill, Treasurer                                                                                This site was last updated 08/21/06